About Ésthe

Ésthe is a clothing brand by Éstheatelier, focused on providing you with an ensemble of premium curated collections of unisex apparel based on different vibes, moods and aesthetics. We as a brand personify the idea of having unlimited personas, thereby embracing multiple identities that people tend to resonate with, and want to offer products for our customers to embrace the same.

About Us


The Grey Area 
is the space in between the spectrum that lies unsaturated; that which allows us to find our place amongst it - wherever it may be.

Our debut collection captures the essence of Ésthe in a manner that not only speaks about the values it carries but also celebrates the dual nature of our existence.

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    Black depicts Alter-Ego: it’s rebellious, it’s active, it’s angsty, it’s reckless, it’s spontaneous, it’s free-spirited. It has opinions and will not hesitate to shout them from the rooftops.

    DIVE IN 
  • EGO

    Ivory depicts Ego: it's passive, calm, conforms to nothing, and yet finds itself in harmony with what is. It has opinions but takes a moment to check if it is worth putting forward.