What is The Grey Area?

What is The Grey Area?

We at Ésthe are firm believers of the dichotomy a person possesses. We can be both passive and active, less and more, expressive and receptive, chaotic and calm, all at the same time and yet fall short of being able to express the magnitude of our being.

The Grey Area is the space in between the spectrum that lies unsaturated; that which allows us to find our place amongst it - wherever it may be. Our debut collection captures the essence of Ésthe in a manner that not only speaks about the values it carries but also celebrates the dual nature of our existence.

The name Ésthe itself was derived from the word Aesthete and was created with the idea of a brand having multiple identities and hence, no ‘one’ singular identity. The first collection was aimed to represent our nature at its core, the polarity, and yin-yang of it all and therefore, The Grey Area was birthed.

Ivory depicts Ego: it's passive, calm, prioritizes itself, it works towards self-actualization, conforms to nothing, and yet finds itself in harmony with what is.

Black depicts Alter-Ego: it’s rebellious, it’s active, it’s angsty, it’s reckless, it’s spontaneous, it’s free-spirited, it has opinions and will not hesitate to shout them from the rooftops.

The pieces for this collection are curated and designed to adhere to the myriad of emotions we feel in our everyday life, spun over snug loungewear you would want to wear daily. With minimal designs and line art, this debut vibe by Ésthe will cater to both the chaos and the calm that is prevalent in all of us.

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